Monday, June 11, 2007

The Bionic Boy

It's been over a week now since Jake became the "bionic boy". He has a new insulin pump that hooks into him and delivers his insulin throughout the no more shots! It's wonderful really! Whenever Jake needs to check his blood sugar, it registers right into the pump. Then he inputs the carbs for what he is going to eat and the pump figures out the exact amount of insulin that he'll need. Jake has named his pump "Cosmo".

The worst part (for the parents) is that we have to change the infusion site every other day. This requires sticking our son with quite a large needle. You kind of have to push it in. It usually makes my stomach do a flip-flop, but the good news is that Jake doesn't feel a thing. He's got some numbing cream that we put on beforehand..... thank God for the people who invented that!

We have joined the ranks of the thousands that hope and pray for a cure for Type 1 Diabetes. Medical technology is amazing and the JDRF is making great strides! We'll be participating the walk for a cure coming up this fall. Stay tuned........