Friday, July 16, 2010

Confessions of an Adoptive Mom: A Gotcha Day blog

Confession: Being an adoptive parent is hard!! For example, my adopted son leaves his laundry on the floor for me to pick up. He's left toys on the stairs for me to trip on and has had temper tantrums when I've made him sit in time out. He doesn't like to eat vegetables and thinks candy is a food group! Annoying his big brother is something he likes to do frequently and he thinks the bathroom is a "splash zone" at bath time!

Sound familiar??? Yes, my adopted son is just like my biological children (and yours) and he fits into our family perfectly!! And just like any other child of mine, I don't love him any more or any less than anyone else. If you are a parent of multiple children you know that you love each of your children equally and differently.... it doesn't matter what they look like or how much water they are able to get onto the bathroom floor when they're in the tub.... you love them all with all of your heart!!

Three years ago today I got to hold my son for the first time. He was four years old. My husband and I cried when we saw him and will never forget that moment that changed our lives and our family forever. And three years later my heart still skips a beat when my boy cuddles up with me; my stomach still gets butterflies when he says "I love you Mommy"; and my heart swells with love and awe that God would entrust me with this precious gift.

Since coming home from China our son has said things like "Mommy, what took you so long to get me? I was in China for FOUR HOURS (it was actually four years)?!", "Mommy when I was in China I was trying to call you on your cell phone but you couldn't answer", and "I'm glad Jesus told you where I was".

Many people comment that they don't consider adoption because they think they could not love another child as much as their biological ones. I say that's not true! Our son was meant for us from the very beginning of time and I love him more than words could express. We just have faith that God's timing is perfect and He gave us our son at the perfect time.

Something I hear frequently is "He is so lucky that you've changed his life" to which I say "No, I am lucky because he has changed mine."

Is God stirring your heart to adopt a child? Is someone trying to call you on your cell phone? Will you answer?

Not flesh of my flesh, nor bone of my bone
But nonetheless, my very own
Never forget for a single minute
That you weren't born under my heart, but in it.
~Fleur Conkling Heylinger