Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Chicken Dance

Here is Sam, well, being Sam.

(If you got this message in your email- open the blog to watch the video)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Kirsten!

29 Years old! Can you believe it!?!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Has it been this long..........?

I know, I's been forever since we've updated the blog. Can you believe that we've been home with Sam for six weeks now?? In one way it seems like forever ago, in other ways it seems like just yesterday. Where has the time gone?

Lilly and Sadie are going to a new school this year. It seems fabulous so far! Sadie, being the easy-going third child that she is, had adjusted nicely. Her one complaint is that the new school has a dress code so she whines about it every morning. I recently asked her if she was going to whine every day for the whole school year and until she reaches 8th grade; she said that she might. *snort*

This is the first time that Lilly has been away from home for school since she was in third grade. And as you know, 7th grade is a lot different from 3rd. She has a great attitude though and we are very proud of her. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers though has she adjusts to more responsibilities and a heavier workload.

Sam started pre-school this past week. He was hesitant at first but yesterday he was all smiles when I picked him up. Some firsts for Sam since he's come into our lives have been: a bath in an actual bathtub, airplanes, ice cream, swimming pool, snuggling on the couch, a big boy bed (no crib), a brother and sisters to annoy and be annoyed by, car seats, church, and chicken nuggets. He absolutely loves all of these new things!! He is such a joy and I thank God for him every day.

Homeschool also started for Jake this week. We are learning about world history and are starting out with Egypt. I've still got a few books trickling in but we are well under way. Jake is happy and smart. On another note, Jake did spend a day in the hospital last week because his blood sugar was very very high. This week has been better though and he's been making better food choices.

I hope you all enjoy the pics and I'll try to update again soon!!

Love, Kirsten