Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Well, we moved into our new house this past weekend. A bunch of big, strong friends came and knocked out the moving in just a few hours! Mom and Dad also came from SC to help. I don't know what I would have done with my mom.... she scrubbed every kitchen cabinet and the bathrooms.... what a blessing!! A big hearty THANKS to all who came to help!

Now the unpacking has begun... The kitchen is pretty much together and organized. Everyone who knows me well knows how particular I am..... (and to a fault at most times). I abhor disarray! It pains me to look at piles of mess everywhere. That being said, the downstairs is neat. No pictures have been hung or anything like that.. but everything has its place, at least for now.

The upstairs is entirely another story. There are boxes lining the walls in the bedrooms and bonus room. This in and of itself is not a problem for me. The problem came yesterday when I was taking a shower. My darling children apparently were so excited to find all their "stuff" that had been in storage for the past seven or eight months... I guess they likened it to Christmas morning... so ensued a 'free for all' that lasted the 40 minutes I had locked myself in the bathroom.

It looked like an explosion of sorts. Boxes were everywhere... game pieces, easy bake oven parts, hats, mittens, clothing, legos, blankets, more clothing, more game and toy pieces.......AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I somehow managed (the Holy Spirit) to keep my composure... I went downstairs and didn't go up for the rest of the day. *sigh*

Thankfully John and David Keating (who was here visiting) managed to 'motivate' the darlings to pick up the bonus room. As for the girls' rooms... you can't even walk into them. The kids camped out on the bonus room floor last night.... with all the blankets, etc. that they had 'found'.

Today I have the daunting task of tackling the bedrooms. I keep going back and forth... thinking of giving the kids the day off from school. But my common sense tells me that if I don't keep them busy... who knows what they'll do to the downstairs when I am upstairs. Maybe I should go buy some duct tape. What do you think?

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David said...

Wow! I made your blog!

How come no updates in over a week? I thought this blogging thing meant you were providing wisdom and enlightenment to the masses 24/7? (ha ha)

Hope y'all are doing well. Pray for Shannon - she's sick as a dog tonight with 2 big events she's responsible for tomorrow.
In Christ,