Thursday, February 09, 2006

Snow in North Carolina?

Last night was typical weather for a February evening in Carolina- 50s. So imagine my surprise when I woke to see our neighborhood tucked into a white fluffy blanket! I was so excited, yes it is possible for me to get excited, that I woke up the kids and told them to look out the window. Kirsten did not seem to enjoy the shrieks, at least until she had her morning coffee.

Well, I had to go to work, so the children were left to gaze out the window- and I can only imagine how many times they asked Mommy when they could go outside. It turns out that Mommy wrapped them up tightly and sent them out as early as 8am (perhaps to enjoy her coffee in peace)

I am glad that the kids were able to enjoy some snow. I only hope that Jake does not get arrested for throwing snowballs at passing cars.


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