Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Finally a post you can laugh with

I thought about posting a poignant & profound quip to help you think about life's quandries, but I thought that perhaps you wanted to see what makes me laugh. And religion makes me laugh.

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Dean said...

Hey John,

That is pretty amazing, I was just looking at that video the other day. This is one of the churches (in Raleigh, NC)that was planted by the Acts29 Network started by Mark Driscoll author of The Radical Reformission.

I think this is a great piece of work, it goes along with most peoples thinking about what church ought to be.


Veeno said...

Thanks Dean,

I did not know that, cool. Thanks for the post- love to the family!


Frankie said...

you never give love to my family.....gosh! Hilarious video...I actually laughed out loud..