Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Death of Family Values....

....that's what we dressed up as for a costume party in our neighborhood last weekend.
Do we look like the Cleavers or what??
You've gotta love John's big hair.
My dress plus John's tie = $6 from Goodwill
The problem is, this was like pouring salt in a wound for our children. We informed them a few weeks ago that we would not be participating in Halloween this year. We explained that with Jake's diabetes it just wasn't fair because he couldn't eat all that candy and it was only a temptation being in our house. Also, I'm very tired of spending bazillions of dollars on stupid Halloween costumes that last one night. (Thanks Dave)
So instead we will have a family night.... get out of our neighborhood (which is inundated with trick-or-treaters), spend the $50 that I ususally spend on candy (for the bazillion trick-or-treaters) on a nice meal out and doing something fun as a family.
Sadie, being 8, has had the hardest time with this. It's a good thing that I've acquired the Jewish guilt thing and told her that having a brother that was alive was better than Halloween candy... poor Sadie. Lilly is also being quite immature about the whole thing but is a little more understanding. Sam doesn't know what he's missing, although he did get to make his first jack-o-lantern tonight. Jake is as happy as can be that he won't be left out on Halloween.... his joy comes from the fact that his sisters will be as miserable as he is.

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Beth said...

I love the look - perhaps you should dress this way all the time!