Saturday, October 10, 2009

Poem by my team-mate (written while we were in Uganda)

Mercy by Malinda Hayes

(Note by Kirsten: Malinda is 18 years old and she wrote this poem after we visited Mercy Orphanage. She is an extraordinary young woman with a God-given vision!)

Images that haunt
Deceit that taunts

Abandonment and shame
Dished out to the lame

Monsters as men tell lies
That lead children to die

Their stomachs go unfed
While they are tortured in their beds

Untreated malaria and worms
Should make the Church do more than squirm

Action should be taken
Because God's plan is in the makin'

Although there may be violence
God will no longer let there be silence

Because of the terror that moves through night
The Church should surely fight!

We will fight with all our might
And follow Jesus's everlasting light

Those who do not walk God's path
Will finally experience His wrath

For giving up just one meal on the table
Or maybe just your basic cable

A child's physical needs can be bought
And education can be taught

We may send money to the poor
But Christ commands us to do more

In Christ's suffering we are supposed to share
So take the time to say a prayer

Jesus gave us the Great Commission
So why has the church made such a great omission?

Love one another, as I have loved you
That is all he has asked us to do

Jesus paid the ultimate cost
Now it is up to us to help the lost

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