Monday, December 19, 2005

Velvet Elvis

I just finished reading this book, and it was wonderful!

I had not heard of Rob Bell, Mars Hill church, or Nooma, so this is not a biased review. Actually, I do not expect anyone to read it, so I guess it really has no bias at all.

My good friend Lance recommended this book to me, and I always listen to Lance!

When I first started to read it, I was caught a bit off guard (I believe intentionally). What I learned was that my faith is flexible- no matter what anyone can throw at it!

Chapter two- I never thought Jewish history could be so enlightening. I learned what being 'unequally yoked' means. I read that learning comes from wrestling with, debating, and questioning what is going on in the scriptures. Finally, I see that I am not alone in that I never accept anything at face value- I always wrestle with a topic before I can wrap my mind around it.

Chapter three- Realizing that truth is everywhere. Simple as that may seem, I often get caught on this one. Rob Bell provides some insight into truth, and the strangest places you might expect it to popup. I wont clarify for fear it would spoil your reading experience.

Chapter four- This chapter really got my attention. You will read about a pastor of a 10,000 member church who wrestles with depression, purpose, and meaning.

Chapter five- I think of this chapter as 'the life and times of biblical Jews'. Rob explains context for the disciples and how they came to be disciples. I left this chapter humbled by the love and grace God shows to us.

Chapter six- Were you ever wronged by holier-than-thou religious zealots? Have you ever cringed at the hypocrisy, and felt condemed for being 'broken', 'bad', or 'worthless'? Rob takes us through what the Bible says, applies it contextually, and we leave understanding that God loves us- every aspect of us- as we are, and desires to be close to us. It is the ultimate love of a Father for His children- unconditional.

Chapter seven- I leave for you te read and discuss. Of course I, God willing, will be here to listen when you are ready.

With Love,

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Lori G. said...

surprise!! It's me! Lori Guthrie from Sparkle City!! Read Velvet Elvis last month & was TOTALLY diggin' it! Incredible book. If ya loved it, run, don't walk to the bookstore & pick up Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller. Excellent, honest, raw book. Later....