Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Gospel of Philip

Here is one place to read a translation

I am in the process of reading this- mostly because I can not get enough information about the Messiah, but also because it is controversial; and I LOVE controversy!

I will be back with thoughts... (It is a somewhat difficult read, eclectic and fragmented, so try it bit by bit- maybe just search for the reference to the birth of Jesus)



The Vogel Family said...

It's like you John.... eclectic and fragmented.... That's what I love about you though :-) ~K

Frankie said...

Okay, that smurf link was smurfing awesome!!! Have a smurfy christmas!! Tell all the smurfs we said smurfo!

Mike said...

You like controversy? HMM, you learn something new about your friends all the time.


Lance said...

Who would have guessed that you like controversy?!?

Veeno said...

I have read the text and some commentary on it. The primary concerns regarding its validity is date written, quantity of manuscripts, and intended audience.

The document was written, at the earliest, 180 a.d. (possible as late as 250 a.d.)

There is only one manuscript- meaning there is nothing to compare it to.

The title of the document implies the Apostle Phillip wrote it, but there is no reason to believe that to be true. Phillip is simply a name referenced within the document.

Thank you all for your thoughts.