Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Is Dr. House in the house??

Yes, we love that show House that comes on on Tuesday nights. There is just something endearing about the cocky, flippant, and rude doctor that always manages to save the day. And if any of you know anything about my recent health problems, you know that I wish Dr. House were my doc right about now. I could handle the arrogance and rudeness if it meant finding an answer to my blood pressure dilemma.

I go to the doctor (endocrinologist) tomorrow for some more poking and prodding. I hope he can find an answer. I'm praying that he does. I like this guy a lot though. He asked me if I liked House, and wasn't shy about his disgust for the show or the implications that doctors have to be rude and obnoxious to be good. He said that when he went to med. school, people did not need to take a class to learn how to be nice and to care about people. That's why people went to med. school in the first place. Now people want to go so they can be cocky, flippant, rude, and rich.... just another hint that society as we know it is headed down the toilet.

So I'd love you to pray that Dr. T. comes up with an answer. I know God puts people in our paths for reasons much bigger than we could ever fathom. But I'm hoping this blood pressure thing is nothing and that I can receive a clean bill of health....... because there's something/someone very exciting in our future!! Stay tuned!!

P.S.--I've had another crazy thought today..... You see, I've been sick with a virus and sore throat all week so I've traded my morning coffee for hot tea instead. (You know I'm sick if I trade in my morning cup o' joe!) But you know what?? My blood pressure has felt much lower and I haven't had as many or any heart palpitations today. Could it be that all this stuff is just a reaction to coffee??? Is that only wishful thinking?

You know, when I was in my early twenties, I all of a sudden became extremely allergic to melon....any kind of melon.... watermelon, honeydew, cantelope.... I ate these fruits all my life, and then one day...BAM! Hives all over!!! I have not been able to eat any type of melon since. In fact, I can't even come into contact with any kind of melon without breaking into hives. I can't even have it in my refrigerator. And now when I eat carrotts, my tongue itches. I thought my sister was lying about her tongue itching from carrotts for years. Sorry sister!!

Anway... is it possible that I've had an onset of being allergic to coffee??? I'm now remembering that episode of house where the nun almost dies from (what they figured out by the end of the show) an allergic response to an herbal tea. It manifested itself in all these other symptoms. Huh. Is Dr. House in the house?? I bet he could figure it out.

Love to all,


Jesusgreek said...

If Dr. House was treating you, he'd have to almost kill you to save you then threaten to fire any doctor that gets in his way. All the while making smart comments and making all the other doctors look like the 3 Stooges.

At least that's what I think would happen.

Anonymous said...

We are praying for you also Kirstin.They WILL find out what is wrong.Believe me, I know how frustrating this is for you....Katiy saw a total of 27 docs in 4 months!! BTW-Have they had you see a Geneticsist? <--- Not sure if that is spelled right.
Anyway,keep us posted;-)
In His Name~Michelle

Kipp said...

Hope you find out or found out what you need to know!