Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The value of friendship

This past weekend, Easter weekend, we went back to Spartanburg to spend the holiday with family and friends. It was a short stay, roughly 24 hours, but I learned a lot.

I learned that I underappreciate the value of family & friends.

Kirsten's family is a lot of fun, and I always have a good time while we are there. In order to procect my life I will not share some of the reasons they make me laugh (let's just say that we always end up talking about carrots and granny panties)

Whenever I visit with my in-laws, I realize how much I miss my family. With Kyle in California, Peter in NYC, Parents & Maya in Vermont, and Parents & Randy in New Jersey I don't get a lot of time with my siblings (not to mention the nephews).

I don't understand it, but I am feeling very sad lately. I thought that writing about it might help:

I am 37 years old-and I feel old (don't start with me, I realize that is relatively young). I can feel the time going by, and my relationships fading.

I miss:

Fred- the sound you make with your lip, the way you say "pickles", and our long conversations over a cup of Krispy Kreme coffee.
Marty- Your hearty laugh, Acquire, playing xbox until 2 in the morning, watching Tina's reactions to your comments.
Chris- Who else has a friend that can teach you to replace an entire engine? The way you make yourself laugh makes me smile.
Lance- our 2 hour meetings about what we were going to do to take over the church!
Mike- the perfect combination of country sarcasm and hearty compassion
Jim- Breakfast will never be the same. You taught me how to stop taking life so seriously

And these are just a few.

I have made some new friends in this new town, but watching the good friends from the past fade away is unbearable.

Please don't give me pity, or even words of encouragement. I know how much I am loved, really I do.

I just wanted to say out loud that I really miss all of my friends; and I hope that you will hold on and appreciate your friends.


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