Saturday, May 13, 2006

Fundraising Woes

I am quickly becoming frustrated with my attempts at fundraising. You see, I am trying to raise funds for the iDoubt project, and have had no response,not even a negative response; nothing- zilch.

Kir and I are also trying to come up with ideas for raising funds for the adoption. This is new to me, so I don't know how to recognize scams and such. There seem to be many ways to proceed, but a lot of them seem too good to be true (raise $10,000 selling t-shirts?)

I wonder if irony is the right word for this situation, as I am a sales manger in my profession.

Ahh well- I will not quit, as my Parents did not raise a quitter. (I would not mind some suggestions though)



John said...

money, money, money so hard to find enough when you dont have it. we are in the same situation trying to bring home seth when we dont have the funds, we can do the day to day but the one time fees are a killer. looked at the idoubt thing very cool doubts are such a part of how i process things. anyway glad to connect with you i will come back if you want you can shot me an email at john at elementdg dot com. that is my work address peace

Dean Anderson said...

Hey John,

Haven't spoken with you in a while, just checking out your blog...what adoption are you referring to?