Sunday, September 03, 2006

Time to come clean

Those who know me know that I love vidoe games; especially my Xbox 360. What practically no one knows is that my Xbox 360 keeps it's own blog.

Click Here to see for yourself.

Hello. My name is John and I play video games...


Emeriol said...

Uh... John, what is it you play on that X-Box 360 of yours? I have not seen any games that looked good... maybe I have missed something..?

Send my welcome to Tony!

Anonymous said...

John Vogel, you are a sick, sick man. Give my love to all-
cat & hub

Breezy said...

John you are right about you "play the xbox." That is all you do is play. I on the other hand have skills. You should know that since I kick you booty all the time. Miss you guy!