Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Pineapple Day

Even though the idea grew in my brain decades ago, it wasn't until 5 years ago, whilst (yes, I said whilst) reflecting on the Christmas season that had passed, the piles of wrapping paper and cardboard dumped at the end of driveways, and the underwhelming feeling of charity in the air, that I sent an email to everyone I knew.

I sat and wondered just what it was all for. Were we celebrating the deliverance of the long awaited Messiah? Or were we simply succumbing to the economic behemoth of a capitalistic holiday?

I have a difficult time articulating my feelings, so after much deliberation I decided to send a short email that summed up the "Christmas Spirit" for me. The act of sending the e-mail served it's purpose as a cathartic outlet for me, but quickly served as an awakening to many who received it. I heard stories of joy, warmth, love, kindness, etc. I hope that I hear many stories in the years to come.

I smile when realizing that the pineapple has become the unofficial mascot for our family.

With love, here is the original e-mail....

What does a Pineapple mean to you?

I remember the story my Mother would tell us about the not-so-good times when my brothers and I were young, and money was not as abundant as it is now. She would tell us that, sometimes, a bit extra would be available, so she would 'splurge' by buying a pineapple. A succulent treat that many of us might take for granted.

Will you consider a simple challenge from me?

Will you buy a pineapple this month and give it away? If you can't afford one, let me know. God has blessed my family enough to buy one for you.



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