Saturday, February 12, 2011

What if I missed it? by John Vogel

I view life as something like a play that is loosely scripted by God. Of course the major plot will not be altered, but the ancillarry stories provide the actors the opportunity for improv.

God is an amazing playwrite and director.
I am proud to be an actor.

So what of the improv?

I interprets God's direction to be that of love within a community. I have witnessed fellow actors act upon the director's gentle suggestions and the beauty revealed through the flawless performance. I have also witnessed poor performers who missed lines, misinterpreted intent, and caused the audience to lose interest.

With all the love, gifts, attention, grace, mercy, that I have received over the years, I thank my fellow actors. You have made my story a joy to be in and to witness, both.

For those times, numerous I am sure, when I missed my lines, had concern for only myself, and even ignored the storyline out of jealosy, envy, anger, and the like; I am truly sorry.

Every day I rise to greet the miracle and purpose God gave me and I hope to never take a moment for granted.

After all, what if you are supposed to receive a gift that could impact your story in an amazing way and I failed to deliver?

There is too much on the line- God is counting on us.

Let love rule.

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Heather said...

Great perspective. Thanks for sharing. :)