Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Dollhouse

Sadie is thrilled that her Christmas Dollhouse is almost complete! The only thing left is the shingled roof. Here are some pictures to walk you through the past 2 weeks:

This is the beginning- 9 sheets of plywood waiting to be cut into 250 pieces:
Sanding, painting, and gluing
Almost done! The shingles are all that stands in the way from move in day!


Frankie said...

Good smurf, John. I knew you had it in smurf. It looks smurfy and I hope she has a good smurf with it.

Janel Jernigan said...

That looks amazing! I want to come down and play! Hope to see you all soon!

Mike said...

YOu are the man John! I think! and Frankie, you just need to stop!

Veeno said...

Thanks Mike- But Kirsten did most of it, so I guess SHE is the man. :^)