Sunday, March 05, 2006

Mellow Yellow Anyone??

As some of you may know, all of the walls in our house have been an eggshell color.... not white, not tan, but somewhere in between. The paint also has a flat texture. If any of you have ever lived with flat paint, you know how easily it attracts fingerprints, dirt, and boogers. Also, if any of you know me at all, you know that this drives me absolutely nuts!! I'm am elated that they invented those Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.... Can I get an "AMEN"!

Okay so we got a little money back from Uncle Sam this year. And since John hates to paint more than any other chore in the world, he hires Eddy the Painter to come and paint the living room/kitchen. Okay, Okay, I DID pick out the color. But you know how you can't really tell what it's going to look like on those little paper squares. I really thought it would look nice and buttery yellow. Well folks, it looks like a can of Mellow Yellow got shaken all over the walls. Not that Eddy the Painter did a bad job.......quite the contrary. He and his guys did a fabulous job. I even smiled and complimented a job well done.

Well, after a few hours of looking at it, I started to slip into a slump. There is no way that I can look at it day after day. REally, it makes me cranky just looking at it. None of our furniture or decore matches it. It's absolutely horrible.

Well, now John is aggravated with me and says I need to learn to live with it because he has no money left to have it repainted. But I'm telling you, I spend my life in these two rooms and I get cranky just looking at it!!! What's a wife to do? So I had this internal battle going on all day yesterday. Then I went to let out and put in a neighbor's dog.... which bit my finger really hard and made it bleed and black and blue!! Stupid dog!!! Needless to say, I sobbed all the way down the street and proceeded to bawl as I had to clean up the hideously yellow kitchen.

Well, we really don't have any money left so I guess I'll have to pray that God will help me get over my crankiness. If I had known this was going to happen, I would never have given up wine for Lent....uugh.

If any of you have pity on me (or my crankiness starts driving you crazy), I'll be accepting donations and suggestions as to what to do.


Frankie said...

I like it. In the picture it looks good. If all else fails, you should smile and thank God for such a "Sunny Delight" your living room is!

Kipp said...

I like it, of course Im red-green colorblind!! have a good week

The Vogel Family said...

Frankie, you always seem to see the 'smurfy' side of things...lalalalalala....uuughhh.