Tuesday, March 14, 2006

XBOX 360 and a bad dad

Do you all know that Kirsten bought "the family" an XBOX 360? Well she did; She is the most wonderful wife in all the land!

I have been able to find a few bits of time over the past few weeks to enjoy the new toy, and one of the things I like best about it is the Xbox Live Arcade. Old school games with new school interactivity! In the old days, I would leave my Colecovision turned on all night so my high score would not be erased- and after school I would invite my friend over to see my accomplishments. With the XBOX 360, my accomplishments are posted online for the world to see!

So, last night... I was playing Gauntlet:

Sadie was watching me play and asked to join me. In hindsight, letting her play was like giving her crack.

3 hours later, at 11:30pm, Sadie and I, with our bloodshot eyes, are going for the new high score- beating down villains at every corner, and grabbing the treasure on our way! Then Kirsten walked in. Busted. Dad had turned into a 13 year old again, with his new video game, and lost track of time. But this time was different. This time I had Sadie with me. Oops.

Jake never had a chance- he was hooked on Gameboy right out of the womb- it was his destiny.

Lilly can take it or leave it. Last night while Jake, Sadie, and I were in the Den of iniquity playing our video crack, Lilly was resting on the bed, reading a book.

I know that Kirsten had high hopes for Sadie. Hey, at least Sadie did not suck her thumb for 3.5 hours!

Sorry Kirsten.


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