Monday, June 19, 2006

Sadie's Birthday & Father's Day

We had a great and busy weekend!! Friday was Sadie's birthday... The kids were officially awarded their yellow belts in Tae Kwon Do, then we celebrated by going to Chuck E. Cheese for dinner (Sadie's pick). We had fun playing games, eating pizza, etc. Sadie even got a balloon that said 'Happy Brithday' on it. Yes, that's right 'Happy Brithday'. John and I got a giggle out of it.... you know what hecklers we are. Then we noticed that other balloons also said 'Happy Brithday'. I guess the girl at the front who wrote on the balloons isn't the best speller. So, we had the giggles all night.

On Saturday morning we picked Lilly up from camp where she had been for most of the week. While she was away, we worked very hard on a suprise room make-over for her. We sanded, taped, painted, decorated, etc. There was only one casualty... our friend Drew cut his finger open on a dismantled bookshelf that I was re-doing. I felt horrible. Poor Drew. Seven stitches in all. And to make matters worse, now he can't swim or ride his skateboard (his two favorite things) until next weekend. *sigh* Anyway, we couldn't wait for Lilly to get home and find her surprise. When we pulled into the driveway, I told her to immediately take her stuff upstairs since we were getting ready for Sadie's party that afternoon. I had a big smile on my face when I heard the blood-curdling scream from upstairs. She ran down to hug and kiss me, then ran back up to look some more. It was priceless!

Next came Sadie's birthday party. There were 16 kids in all. We ate hotdogs, chips, cake, and icecream. The kids swam for the rest of the three hours (except for poor Drew). They had a blast! Sadie was in her glory! She loved being the center of attention and opening presents... she was so cute!!

On Sunday we celebrated Father's Day. Our family is so blessed to have such a wonderful father/husband as John. He is a wonderful supporter, cheerer, hugger, and provider. He spent the afternoon playing with the kids in the pool and lounging on the new float that we got him. We love you so much John! We thank God every day for the wonderful man that you are!!

We ended up hanging out at Doug and Rhonda's for the evening.... eating lots of yummy food, playing games, and enjoying tying up our loose ends. What a blessed family we are.

Now we're back to Monday.... waiting with expectant anticipation as to what the week will bring. We're praying to be able to sign the contracts so that Li Feng (Samuel) will officially be ours! Thanks for your prayers and continued support!

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