Thursday, April 26, 2007


We've had lots of new additions to our family this year!!! John's brother Randy and his wife Suzanne had a baby girl, Kathryn Faye, this month. John's brother Kyle and his wife Kim, and brothers Beckett and Adley, welcomed little Tess Riley into their family too!

Our good friends, the Waite's, had a baby girl, Abigail Rose. Janet and Steve from our Journey Group found out that they are having a girl. Tara and Dan from Wisconsin are having TWINS!! They get a girl too...... and a boy!!!

My brother Erik and his wife Aubrey and daughter Natalie are expecting in September. Maybe a girl??? It seems to be in the water. We'll see!!

Of course, being who we are, we like to "go through the narrow gate" and are awaiting the arrival of our new little boy!!

We had the great opportunity to see one of our new little neices when we travelled to New Jersey at the end of the month..... Here is a picture of sweet little Kathryn Faye

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