Monday, April 30, 2007

Locks of Love

During the month of March (yes, I'm still trying to get caught up), Sadie got TEN INCHES cut off her hair for Locks of Love.

There is a ten year old girl named Krista who lives in our neighborhood and goes to Sadie's school that has cancer and has lost her hair.... this made Sadie so sad. She came to me and said ,"Mama, I want to give her my hair". So although we weren't able to donate the hair directly to Krista, we were able to send it off to support her cause.

Sadie has such a sweet and tender heart and we are so proud of her.


creesta said...

What an awesome thing to do!! Way to go Sadie!!

medea said...

sadie, I am so proud of you!
love, auntie medea