Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A Place To Call Home

We're happy to report that we've found a place to call home.... the Refinery Community Church. It's been a tough and tiresome journey, trying to find the place that God has for us. But we are so excited to finally be home! Again, God is so awesome and His wonders never cease in our lives. We were looking for and asking God for the place we'd walk into and never want to leave; the place where we were so excited to serve and to share His message; the reason He brought us to Kernersville. And to think, we were beginning to feel weary and were giving up the hope of finding a 'home' here in NC. God is looking upon us with a smile and a shake of the head.... "Oh ye of little faith". Thanks be to the Lord!! You can check out the Refinery by clicking on the link on the right. We've also added Mike G.'s (the lead pastor of the Refinery) blog site to the list. Don't believe what he says about us, or we'll have to tell everyone about the large reptile room in his basement where he raises the snakes for the Wednesday evening services.... heheheh.

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Anonymous said...

The Refinery...isn't that the church that has that old pastor that's always asking for money and the pastor's wife with blue hair and all the make-up?