Monday, January 16, 2006

What's Your Price?

There was a man sitting next to a woman on a plane, and they were total strangers. He found her rather attractive, and half way through the journey he looked at her, and propositioned her for one million dollars.
She was shocked by that but as time went on, before they landed, she asked "Are you serious? One million dollars for an evening?", and he said "Yes." So she pondered, thought about it; conversation ensued, and the time and the place was set.
About half an hour later he said "I do want to make a slight adjustment, I really don't have that kind of money. Would you consider the same proposal for ten dollars?" To which she looked with absolute anger at him and said "What do you think I am?"
He promptly replied, "We have already established that, we are only haggling over the price."

While most of us would puff out our chests and proudly proclaim that we would not consider the offer stated above. But what about a more subtle situation?

$10,000 to lie to a friend?
$5,000 to cheat on your taxes?
$1,000 to ignore your child for a day?

How about I give you $50 to skip your Bible reading for one day?

What would you do?

The sad truth is, I have done all of the above for free.

Please consider what you value most, and what it would take for you to compromise that value.



Anonymous said...

So true John! It is good to stay grounded and that story helps alot!
Love you guys! Kim B

Abbey said...

Hey Ya'll,
What's up?
I'm already missing you alot. I can't wait to see you again. When are you going to visit church? I cannot wait till Easter cause I know you will come back and see me. You are my best friend, I'm so glad that you let us borrow your movie. It was great. I love ya'll.


Frankie said...

usually, it's a dollar and some envelopes