Monday, January 09, 2006

A question for the apologists

Hello Droogs!

In the verse: 2 Timothy 3:16, what are the scriptures Paul is referring to?



Jesusgreek said...

I have to think the scriptures Paul is speaking of is OT since most of the NT hadn't been written yet. As far as "God-breathed" I think he was refering to the fact that God had an active involvement in the writting of the scriptures eitehr directly (ie ten commandments, speaking to noah, moses, Isaiah, etc) or indirectly (stories of men & women and their folling God)

Veeno said...

Thanks Mike,

Great observation- I also think it is important to realize that the reason Paul wrote it to Timothy is because there were many false teachers in that time, interpreting the scriptures loosely, so Timothy needed some encouragement.

follow up questions:

Is the New Testament, as we recognize it today, God breathed? What eveidence is there to support either view? Does the answer affect your faith? Why or why not?


Jesusgreek said...

I guess it comes down to how you interpret "God-breathed". Some believe that means that every words in the bible has to be taken at face value and followed exactly how it is written with no room for bending.
The other side says the Bible is left up to interpretation (i.e.. kind of like what Rob bell was saying)
What do I believe? I think you have to look at everything in context. If we all followed Paul's teachings to the strictest of code then we'd all be southern Baptist - ha (no insult intended) What we have throughout 90% of the bible are stories of real people making real life choices and sometimes they turn out good and other times they turn out bad. I'd like to think that if I were around back when all this stuff was written down that my life may be one of those stories that people 5000 years later could learn from. As in what not to do.
Does it effect my beliefs one way or another? No. If all I had was the story of adam & eve and then the accounts of Jesus, I'd get the point pretty clearly and make my life choices based on that. Everything else helps but doesn't define who I am.

Veeno said...

Well put. I read the Bible and gather 'the point' based on context, and Paul's letters are no exception. So much emphasis can be placed on literal translation that the purpose of the text is lost. I find it humerous, if not sad, that so much fighting occurs over translation- and no one ever has original transcripts!

Dean said...

I think that all scripture is inspired including all of the New Testament Scripture. In fact, I think that Scripture itself testifies of the fact that the New Testament authors knew what they were writing and that every word was inspired, or God Breathed. In 1 Cor. 7:10-12 Paul gives a command that he says comes from himself and not the Lord, giving the proof that he knew that everything that he was writing was of the Lord, or God Breathed.

Veeno said...

Thanks Dean. I appreciate your circular logic... very educational.


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