Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A Place To Call Home

We're happy to report that we've found a place to call home.... the Refinery Community Church. It's been a tough and tiresome journey, trying to find the place that God has for us. But we are so excited to finally be home! Again, God is so awesome and His wonders never cease in our lives. We were looking for and asking God for the place we'd walk into and never want to leave; the place where we were so excited to serve and to share His message; the reason He brought us to Kernersville. And to think, we were beginning to feel weary and were giving up the hope of finding a 'home' here in NC. God is looking upon us with a smile and a shake of the head.... "Oh ye of little faith". Thanks be to the Lord!! You can check out the Refinery by clicking on the link on the right. We've also added Mike G.'s (the lead pastor of the Refinery) blog site to the list. Don't believe what he says about us, or we'll have to tell everyone about the large reptile room in his basement where he raises the snakes for the Wednesday evening services.... heheheh.

Birthday Weekend

We had a great time with the Blackwoods this past weekend!! We miss them already. You should have seen Jake scream like a little girl when Michael surprised him. Maybe John can get the video linked up so you all can see. It was great!!! Of course, a birthday with Jake and Michael would not be complete without a trip to Build-a-bear workshop, where they can feed their kindred spirits.

Monday, January 16, 2006

What's Your Price?

There was a man sitting next to a woman on a plane, and they were total strangers. He found her rather attractive, and half way through the journey he looked at her, and propositioned her for one million dollars.
She was shocked by that but as time went on, before they landed, she asked "Are you serious? One million dollars for an evening?", and he said "Yes." So she pondered, thought about it; conversation ensued, and the time and the place was set.
About half an hour later he said "I do want to make a slight adjustment, I really don't have that kind of money. Would you consider the same proposal for ten dollars?" To which she looked with absolute anger at him and said "What do you think I am?"
He promptly replied, "We have already established that, we are only haggling over the price."

While most of us would puff out our chests and proudly proclaim that we would not consider the offer stated above. But what about a more subtle situation?

$10,000 to lie to a friend?
$5,000 to cheat on your taxes?
$1,000 to ignore your child for a day?

How about I give you $50 to skip your Bible reading for one day?

What would you do?

The sad truth is, I have done all of the above for free.

Please consider what you value most, and what it would take for you to compromise that value.


Monday, January 09, 2006

A question for the apologists

Hello Droogs!

In the verse: 2 Timothy 3:16, what are the scriptures Paul is referring to?


Sunday, January 08, 2006

Dollhouse complete!

The shingles are done, along with all the minor touch-ups. Finally, Sadie gets to play with it! Tomorrow morning, move in day!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Dollhouse

Sadie is thrilled that her Christmas Dollhouse is almost complete! The only thing left is the shingled roof. Here are some pictures to walk you through the past 2 weeks:

This is the beginning- 9 sheets of plywood waiting to be cut into 250 pieces:
Sanding, painting, and gluing
Almost done! The shingles are all that stands in the way from move in day!