Friday, May 01, 2009

Chronicles of God's Faithfulness - Part 1

As sad and as hard as it was to hear that John was being laid off, we have never doubted for a moment the our Father would provide for us.  The Bible says that when we accept Christ's gift of forgiveness and eternal life and turn our life over to Him, that He adopts us as one of his very own children.  You know that we love this picture of adoption and how Sam is loved immensely  like a child of my own womb.  That is the same picture that God has of us.  We become HIS children.  He is our abba Father (abba is translated as "Daddy").  As an earthly father nurtures and takes care of his children, so God takes care of us, his children.

God knows and is sympathetic toward our anxiety about medical stuff.  We shouldn't be anxious, but present our requests to Him as we've done.  This is the first of many ways that God our Daddy has answered our prayers:  I contacted a Christian medical supply company about supplies for Jake's insulin pump.  Of course, it all sounded too good to be true and I kept waiting for the 'catch'.  I thought I'd believe it when I saw it.  Then,  a couple days after John was laid off,  we received a box in the mail.  In the box were three boxes of infusion sets (retail $110 per box), three boxes of insulin cartridges ($81.25 per box) and three boxes of IV prep ($14.25 per box)  That is $616.50 worth of insulin pump supplies for FREE.  We didn't even get charged for shipping!!  

I cried when I opened the box.  My heavenly Father is so faithful.  He knows the hairs on my son's head and He will take care of him!  I am awed and humbled!!  Thank you Jesus!

Stay-tuned for more God-stories while we're on this unemployment journey!  You will be amazed!  <><


Anonymous said...

I've got chill bumps just reading this! Go God!
David Keating

MichelleC said...

I've got chills! Amazing! God is so magnificent!!!! *Continuing to pray*

Chris, Michelle, Sara and Emma... said...

I'm with David on this...major chills! Yay God!!

robert said...

I have tears in my eyes

Anonymous said...

why are we so surprised when God does exactly what He says He will do!! He is worthy of our praise!!