Monday, May 04, 2009

Chronicles of God's Faithfulness, Part 2

It has been one week and two days since John was laid off from his job due to the current economic situation in the U.S.  In this short time we have been blessed beyond belief by the Lord and our brothers and sisters in Christ.  Some of these things may be out of order, but I want to recount everything the Lord has done for us so that for years to come the stories of God's faithfulness to our family can be passed down to our children, grandchildren, and generations to come.

We were invited to a close friend's birthday party and had to decide whether or not to buy a gift or to save our pennies wisely.  Our friend knew of our situation and assured us that no gift was necessary.  My sweet children, instead of pouting about not buying the gifts they had in mind, found gifts to give from their own collection of toys.  The thing that impressed me the most was that they picked from their 'best' things; things that they knew that their friend loved to play with when she came to our house.  It warmed my heart to witness their generous spirits and desire to give their 'best' to others.  Then, at the party, not only were the presents a big hit, but the grandma stuck $40 in my pocket.  This is a lady who works hard for her money and doesn't have a lot of it.  I felt so incredibly and truly blessed and humbled that day.

Another day I went into the school office as I usually do.  One of the receptionist's husband had been laid off also and she knew my anxiety over simple things like lunches for my kids.  Four kids packing four lunches and snacks for five days a week really adds up:  Juice boxes, snack packs, etc.  Did I mention that my kids can EAT?!  Anyway, she pulled me aside and offered that since John was laid off my kids could get free lunches.  I had never thought of that and part of me hated to swallow my pride, but my kids are now thrilled to get yummy lunches every day.  Their school does not have yucky cafeteria food, but the Booster Club brings in Golden Corral, Chick-Fil-A, Papa John's, and Subway.  It's all like a slice of heaven to my kids and beats peanut butter and jelly any day!!  Another huge blessing to not have to buy that stuff!!

The other day I went to the grocery store with a friend so we could get some great sales.  Some of the things were buy two get three free.. awesome!  Anyway, when it came time to check out, my friend insisted on paying for my stuff since we got so much stuff for such a small price.  My friend is a single mom and doesn't have a lot by any means.  Of course I argued with her about it but she said that God had blessed  her and she wanted to pass it on, or 'pay it forward', so to speak.  Again, I am humbled and awed at how God is providing so much for us!!

Last night at OFY there were hotdogs, buns, chili, cereal, and milk left over.  My friend there insisted that I take some extras home.  Let me tell you, there is more food in my fridge than there usually is!!  Praise the Lord!!  And this is just a little glimpse of what 's God been doing... Just wait until tomorrow!!


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God is so Amazing!