Saturday, May 23, 2009

John has been out of work for five weeks now.  He was promised four weeks severance which has not been delivered (I have no idea why this is all underlined, but I can't fix it) yet.  HR says it will be processed by May 28th (?!?!?).  Also, he has not been able to collect unemployment yet because unemployment thinks we're living off of severance.  There's the rub.

Also, the mom of a child in Sam's class has been another angel in our lives.  She works for the ARC of GSO and took me to this warehouse where I got a bunch of stuff for very little money!  She has been so encouraging and is trying to help us through paperwork and such to try to get medical assistance for the little guy, as well as sent me a bunch of info on camps for special needs kids!  It is amazing how God puts people in our lives and we have no idea what He has planned out and how he intertwines peoples lives together to accomplish His purposes!

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