Monday, August 28, 2006

2¢ about Pluto

The discussions around the watercooler seem to be received with apathy or conviction- either way, I feel like throwing in my comments (as usual).

I am thrilled by the decision to remove the classification of Pluto as a planet because it shows a community of scientists who are willing to swallow pride.

75 years worth of pride.

Scientists were experts who knew everything, and we all waited with anticipation to find out what we should think, eat, feel, love, etc.

The decision to 'demote' Pluto demonstrates the idea that science changes; evolves as it were.

Consider the opposite conclusion of astronomers: keeping Pluto a planet so as not to disrupt the textbooks... I shudder at the idea. (I wonder if the textbook lobbyists were hoping for the new classification in hopes of new sales- hmmm).

Ok, well I think my point was made. Now I wait to hear about the next reversal- hopefully Dunkin Donuts will cure obesity. :)


1 comment:

Jesusgreek said...

You would like that change.

All I know is Pluto has a moon. If that ain't a planet I don't know what one is. (or at least the public school system didn't teach me what a planet was)