Thursday, August 17, 2006


Lilly and Jake spend a week at Merriwood Christian Camp with the church kids last week and had a blast!! Since we gave Lilly a surprise room make-over while she was at Girl Scout camp in June, we decided to keep up the tradition and give Jake his own surprise room make-over while he was gone.

John did an exceptional job painting the murals for the skateboard-themed room! I forgot how talented he was!! We also used skateboards from Toys R' Us as shelves.

All in all it turned out great and only cost $12 for a gallon of paint at Walmart, $15 for the mural paints, $20 for the two skateboards, and $3 for the shelf brackets!! Gotta love a no-frills make-over!

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Lance said...

Hey Vogel Family...I really like Jake's room. Kristen you did a great job! What was John doing while you worked? Playing XBox? We miss you guy's a lot...hope you had a great summer.