Thursday, August 03, 2006

A RollerCoaster of A Week

Yes, it has been one rollercoaster of a week! We made it through the yard sale. The garage is just about put back together, with the exception of a few large items that we need to do something with.

On Monday and Tuesday I fervently cleaned the house for our first homestudy visit (for the adoption). Our social worker was very nice and pleasant and made us feel at ease. And of course she never looked around the house..... but at least it was clean!!

On Wednesday we took care of Nick and Syd for the day and all the children combined successfully played with EVERY SINGLE TOY that we own. Not only did they play with them, but they put them all over my nice clean house.... where they still are now. But they were relatively well behaved and fun so....whatever. On Wednesday night we went to our new church building (Hooray!) and helped to paint and move stuff.

So today is Thursday.... I've been watching more kids all day today, my laundry is piling up, we leave to go visit my sweet sister tomorrow (Hooray!), I haven't started packing yet, I have a bazillion errands to run, we won't be back until Sunday night, and the older kids need to be at camp on Monday morning. So if I haven't even packed for tomorrow yet, what are the chances they'll be packed for camp??? UUGH. Oh, and I need to finish making a bracelet to deliver by this evening.

All this and we got some disappointing news on the adoption front. You can read more about that on OUR CHINA ADOPTION. So yes, it's been a rollercoaster of a week with emotions all over the place. But, I'm looking forward to seeing my baby sister, who has always been such a joy to me from the day she was born, maybe get my hair done (she's a hairdresser.... woo hoo!), have a good cry, and have some much needed R&R. ~K

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