Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Flatland- Chapter 1

I recently heard of this book while listening to Rob Bell. I picked it up on eBay for a few dollars, and was very excited to start reading it. Edwin Abbott wrote this book in the late 1800s so I thought I would easily become lost in period specific terminology- I was pleasantly incorrect!

The chapters, as well as the book is rather short, so that will allow for a short review :^)

Chapter 1:

The Author does a great job introducing two key factors to the story: The perspective of the storyteller, and the reason for the book. The story is told by an inhabitant of Flatland to the reader in "Space". There are only 2 dimensions in Flatland, like a pencil drawing.
An example is given that the Flatlanders see a circle, triangle, etc one way, and we, in space, see it another way. Imagine placing a penny on a table. View the penny from above and what shape will you have? A circle. Move your perspective downward and the penny takes the shape of an oval. Keep going until you are looking at the penny from a perfect horizontal stance (the way a Flatlander would) and the penny is just a line.

Imagine! everything in Flatland is viewed as either a line, or a dot.

I am fascinated by the story, and look forward to sharing more tomorrow.


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VickeB said...

Hi Veeno -

I'm very familiar with this book. Marvelous, isn't it. That's one of the things I try to show with my blog - different perspectives from different dimensions.
Glad you found the book. I had to read it in HS English class, ummm lets say 1964, Mr. Janowitz. LOL
I use it when I teach.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Good luck with the Sentra.